Jim's Oyster Party Pack 20 dozen
Jim's Oyster Party Pack 20 dozen
Jim's Oyster Party Pack 20 dozen

Jim's Oyster Party Pack 20 dozen


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No matter the event, good food is essential. Jim's Party Pack includes... 

  • 20 dozen mixed Oysters* 
  • Two shucking knives*
  • One hessian sack 
  • Garlic Butter*


    The Oysters come fresh from the farm, they will need a quick rinse first. 

    • Find some heat! A BBQ to a Fire pit anything works!
    • Soak the sack (some swear by sea water but fresh is just fine)
    • Place your Oysters over the heat (we recommend a dozen at a time)
    • Cover with wet sack (this heats the Oysters evenly and creates steam in the cluster)
    • Remove Oysters from the heat when they start to open (or after 4-5 minutes). They will only open slightly, allowing them to open all the way will mean you loose all the goodness! 
      • Due to the different sizes the Oysters will each cook at varying rates. 
      • Not all Oysters will open, but will still be fine to eat. Just use the knife! 
    • Use the shucking knife to open and add garlic butter.
    • Enjoy while hot! 


    *Your Oysters will be a range of sizes and shapes, but still five star quality on the inside. 
    *Knife and Butter may vary from the pictures due to supply.
    *Orders need to be in by 6 pm the night before harvest. i.e order by 6 pm Wednesday for Thursday harvest and Friday delivery