Our Oysters

We farm Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas) in the inter-tidal zones of the Mahurangi River. The oyster has a sweet and uniquely fresh flavour. We will only supply you the freshest oysters, packed in the freshest way, live and whole. Because we won't compromise on our quality, we don't sell oysters between Jan - Mar as this is the growth/recovery period and oysters eaten during this period are less appealing. Seasons Oysters are a seasonal food with three distinct phases:

  • April - September: They are crisp, meaty and plump.
  • October - December: They are fat and creamy.
  • Jan - March: This is the recovery phase for oysters where they are thin and less appealing.

The Mahurangi Harbour has an impeccable health record. Safety and satisfaction of our customers comes first.

We maintain a rigorous water testing programme certified by the USFDA, run by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority. We supply customers anywhere in New Zealand. Our customers will vouch for us being the best in the business, because we guarantee the quality and freshness of our product.

Opening (Shucking) an oyster

This is easier than you think. It's about technique rather than muscle, and practice will help you improve.

Check out our video! We recommend lots of practice!