Our Story




Imagine a small country child who’s absolute focus and passion is finding a way to save the worlds fish stocks.. He draws up plans for fish farms, doesn’t allow the family to buy tinned tuna or commercially caught fish in the supermarket.  There’s a large concrete fish pond in the garden full of oranda goldfish he’s been breeding. And in the creek behind the wool shed there’s a small dam made from an old sheet of corrugated tin with native freshwater crayfish living in the muddy banks.

Move on a few years and meet Jim Aitken. Now 6’3” with a degree in Ecology and Marine sciences and still with a passion for sustainable sea food. Jim has found the most sustainable form of aquaculture in oyster farming. An oyster leaves its environment cleaner by filtering 190 litres a day!

Not only is the oyster a delicacy it’s a very healthy food option that’s delicious.

A total winner in Jim’s eyes.

So Jim is happy. He’s producing an ethically sound food source and developing his oyster production system.. there’s more plans drawn up and in the sorting shed there’s  yet another fish tank for the tiny fish and crabs and things that come in with the oyster harvest to be returned to the sea.